What about the newcomers on Wattpad?

The past few years have seen a steady rise in the number of web 2.0 platforms available, especially those accessible via a mobile application, with social media users expected to rise to 2.6 billion by 2016. What this ultimately means is that at some point in time we all have been, or will be, newcomers to a platform.

Newcomers have both benefits and risks for all web 2.0 platforms. In order to survive a platform needs newcomers and the benefits from the intelligence and capabilities that a group collective can bring. However, newcomers also mean that you may have users who contribute in ways that are against the ‘norm’ or upset the community. I have chosen to evaluate Wattpad and their strategies for overcoming some of the newcomer challenges as defined in the text Building Successful Online Communities, in relation to their categories for newcomers, including; recruitment, selection, retention, socialisation and protection.


Wattpad is a social media platform that is essentially made up of a community of ‘readers and writers’, where writers can publish their work for free and users can read, review and share these pieces. Right now, Wattpad has over 40 million stories listed within their site that can be accessed by users at any time from the website or app.

I first heard about Wattpad from a friend of mine, who shared her creative writing from Wattpad, via Facebook, and upon research it seems that word-of-mouth recruiting is the most common form for Wattpad and they have really optimised their platform to utilise this recruitment method. It is easy for users of Wattpad to share content, not only with the community, but with their friends via existing accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Google+, with these functions being accessible from every page, whether it be if you want to share your story, someone else’s story or even a review. Burke, Marlow and Lento (2009) suggest that social media users are more likely to contribute useful content if they see their friends contributing also, so by having these ‘sharing’ options Wattpad can encourage this type of behaviour.

Wattpad is also following some of the best practices for helping to select the right ‘type’ of newcomers for their platform by having ‘hurdles’ or steps that newcomers must fulfill before having full access to the service. You must create an account and have your account verified before you are able to use any of Wattpad’s capabilities, meaning that not any average internet user can stumble across a story on Wattpad and abuse or spam the writer. It is likely that by having to wait to have your account verified, and signing in before use, that this could turn off people who may not be suitable for the community because those who are really motivated to use Wattpad wouldn’t mind having to follow the steps. By having entry barriers in place, the result can quite often be that the community is made up of more committed users as supported by Kraut, Burke and Riedl (2012) who state that “…barriers…that cause newcomers to suffer a little before joining a group should increase their eventual commitment.” However, I definitely feel if the process to join Wattpad had been much more complex or time consuming than it is, it would have turned me off ever using the service.

One feature that I think is great for showing potential new users what Wattpad is really like, is the informative introductory video about how the platform works, that users have access to before signing up. This information shows the capabilities and habits of the community before you even using the platform, which could help make the user’s decision as to whether Wattpad is really what they are looking for and in turn, help Wattpad recruit the right newcomers.

In saying all of this though, Wattpad does not just try to sway the ‘wrong’ type of newcomers to protect the community. The site is extremely dedicated to making the transition for newcomers easy and teaching them the ropes quickly.  Upon signing into your new Wattpad account, there is a section dedicated to ‘Tips to get you started’, including how to get you interacting with others, recommended people for you to follow and clear links to discussion threads for specific interest groups to help lead you in the right direction for your likes and dislikes.  The steps are extremely easy and not only makes you feel at ease with how to use Wattpad, but welcome, two essential characteristics to retain newcomers on a platform.

I definitely feel in comparison to many other social media sites, Wattpad has fair entry barriers and recruitment/retention techniques to ensure that they have the right type of newcomers for their community, that will assist in harnessing the collective intelligence. I would love to hear your thoughts though; do you think Wattpad’s recruitment process for newcomers is suitable? Can you think of a better way of involving newcomers to the platform? I look forward to reading your comments and suggestions!

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31 responses to “What about the newcomers on Wattpad?”

  1. sauravkhadka says :

    Hello brittsmith,

    Nice post! you have given a clear cut explanation about the wattpad. I think the recruitment process is similar to that of Facebook. Just like in Facebook, one has to compulsorily register a new account before having access to Facebook, similar is here in wattpad. And, I think that is good thing. Like you said, to avoid unnecessary posts and spammers, the new account creation procedure is must.

    I think, one of the another new user recruitment process could be to let the new users first read some of the contents available in wattpad. After reading your post I tried to look at the wattpad, but all I could see was a home scree that asks users to register first. In my opinion, if the non-member of wattpad can have a peek over the contents that they are interested, then after looking around for a while if they find it useful and like to contribute some posts or reviews, they should have to register new account. What do you think about this approach of the wattpad, that can be implemented in the next revised version of wattpad? Similarly, is it compulsory for the new user to have a look at the video tutorial about how to use wattpad? Do they have any option to skip the video and continue further?

    It was a nice post, and I look forward to read more posts from you. Cheers! 😉

    • brittsmith2014 says :

      Hi there!

      Thank you for your comment and compliments about my post- I really appreciate it! You are right in that the recruitment process on Wattpad is similar to Facebook, you can view business pages on Facebook without being logged in to Facebook though!

      I definitely agree that letting new users view some of the contents available on Wattpad may lead to an increase in the population of the platform, I have heard that there are ways you can look at various stories and texts on the site without signing up, but like you I could only really access the home page without actually signing in. Did that make you want to use Wattpad less?

      Users do not have to look at the video about how the platform works, but it definitely gives you a ‘feel’ for how to use it and what type of things you can look at within Wattpad. I think if the video had not been there, I would not have bothered signing up because I had no idea what Wattpad would be like ‘inside’.

      It’s likely that a later or revised version of Wattpad may allow users to look at certain stories from the home page, such as from really popular users, just like Facebook allows you to view business pages. Do you agree? I think it will be an interesting platform to watch to see what happens!

      Thanks again! Brittany 🙂

  2. Ashwin says :

    Hi Brittany Smith,
    I appreciate your work. You have provided a very good insight on newcomers. I liked the example you have chosen to build a successful online community as it exhibits all the categories for newcomers. It is nice that Wattpad has a screening test before a newcomer gets an access to service, asking for credential of newcomers may avoid some undesirable members and the introductory video may help to convey information on what their experience will be once they join. This may increase the fit of those who join. Coming to your question, I believe one of the better ways of involving people could be by recruit-a-friend promotion. For example, Facebook and LinkedIn follow this stratergy to attract newcomers. It has been a common tendency of being influenced by people who are close by and by those who commmunicate in person than through some technology mediation.By doing this, potential members of the community will promote only the potential newcomers as potential members are already a member and have experienced the socialisation category in the community. A friend promotion will be done to those people who the potential members think can be a best fit. It also works when requiring potential newcomers to provide refferals from existing ones, as this may screen out some undesirable members. Do you agree?

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts and reading your next post 🙂


    Kraut,R.E.,Resnick,P.,Kiesler,S.(2011).Building Successful online communities:evidence-based social design. Retrieved from http://site.ebrary.com/lib/qut/docDetail.action?docID=10539250

    • brittsmith2014 says :

      Hi Ashwin!

      Thank you for your comments- they were really constructive!

      I think your refer-a-friend promotion would be extremely suitable for Wattpad. Many popular social networking sites have used this type of recruitment process and is often very successful because, as I mentioned from the research I came across, users are more likely to post meaningful content and use a site if their friends are doing so too. I also agree with your statements about this process would help eliminate some of the ‘wrong’ type of newcomers through this strategy.

      I did do a quick Google search to see if I could find any referral type programs on Wattpad but I was unsuccessful. Perhaps because users have the ability to share all of their stories/ reviews to others through existing social media accounts on Wattpad, that Wattpad does not think a promotion like this is necessary. What do you think?

      Thanks again! Brittany 🙂

  3. Nathan Merry (@NathM88) says :

    I really liked your post Brittany.

    I agree that the way Wattpad handles it’s registrations does lead to a more committed and useful userbase. However I think that instead of waiting for an account to be verified the actual sign up process should be as painless as possible but then once you have the account some features are restricted until you have shown you are an active member of the community.

    Scribophile is a good example of this. You won’t be able to post your own writing for review until you’ve reviewed other people’s work first.

    • brittsmith2014 says :

      Hi Nathan!

      Thanks for your comment! You are right, the verification process for Wattpad users does seem a bit ‘painful’ in comparison to other platforms like Instagram, where you just sign up and start using it instantaneously. It would be interesting to know just how many people they actually lose in this process, from registering to sign up and actually using the site. I am sure it is a statistic that their marketing team is following.

      I had not heard of Scribophile, but after a quick look, this looks like a great platform too! Do you think that making others review people’s work before getting to post their own may result in them leaving a pointless or negative review? I definitely like the idea of it, but feel that some people may find it annoying also.

      Thanks again 🙂 Brittany

  4. nareshperumalla says :

    Hai Brittany,

    I really appreciate you for sharing about Wattpad, which is very useful social media platform. As you mentioned, about 40 million stories are listed in Wattpad, which is not a small thing. We can take this as a measure of its success. As per statistics, this application is mostly used in mobile devices.
    About 85% of its traffic and usage comes from mobile devices. Once again I would like to thank you for sharing some wonderful info.

    Cheers !!

    • brittsmith2014 says :

      Hi there!

      Thank you for your comment- I am glad you found it interesting!

      I was very intrigued to hear you say that 85% of traffic on Wattpad is from mobile devices, although I guess most people would read stories on their ubiquitous devices and then the other 15% would probably upload their writing or stories using a computer. Do you agree?

      Thanks again 🙂 Brittany

  5. meshaanalrwuili says :

    Nice post, it is easy to read and appreciate how you explained the Wattpad platform. Matter of fact, I have not heard about Wattpad till I read your post, and what make it interesting to me is Wattpad policy for newcomers that let the newcomers take before the become a member. More than that, I think Wattpad’s recruitment process for newcomers it is suitable for one thing in my opinion is as you said above ” introductory video about how the platform works” that will reduce the number of member are not motivated to be a member in Wattpad, which will increase the number of motivating member to give and share in Wattpad.

    Looking forward for next post.

    Cheers 🙂

    • brittsmith2014 says :

      Hi there!

      Thank you for your comments and kind words about my post!

      I am glad you like what I said about the introductory video. Even though most people may find an ‘introductory video’ annoying, I think for this type of platform where you cannot look at the contents without signing up, that it is suitable in this situation. The video convinced me that this was a platform I would consider using and without it I may not have signed up.

      Thanks again 🙂 Brittany

  6. mjjfeeney says :

    It seems like there’s lots of things to like about Wattpad. From the way you’ve talked about it, it seems like exactly the sort of platform I’d be interested in: It speaks to my love of reading and writing; it employs rigorous quality controls; and it appears–from your description–to be a lively and welcoming community.

    But, I will never use this service.

    I can understand *why* the hurdles are in place to keep the community solid and on-task, but for me the ‘closed-until-signup’ approach is a deal breaker.

    Ashwin’s comment above alluded to this already, but without a way to have a clear–and complete–view of the community and content before I sign up, I’m simply not going to.

    This sort of insular, isolated approach may build the prestige of the community, but it completely falls flat when enticing new users–and I’m even the ‘right’ sort of user Wattpad wants to attract!

    To derail slightly, it has become a fundamental pillar of online shopping to allow shoppers to checkout without signing up for most stores, and make one-time, ad-hoc purchases. Why do so many storefronts implement this functionality?

    Because there’s a silent majority of shoppers who aren’t interested in ‘joining’ shopping websites. Letting them off the hook overwhelmingly increases sales.

    Now, obviously Wattpad doesn’t have the same model; it needs those signups, those users *are* its product. But is locking them out completely really the right answer?

    • brittsmith2014 says :

      Hi there!

      Thanks for your comment- I really appreciate it!

      I definitely understand where you are coming from and without the introductory video and having being referred to Wattpad from my friend’s work, I too think I may have given up on Wattpad before even beginning. What you are saying though is definitely true, Wattpad is potentially losing a lot of the ‘right’ type of newcomers because of their sign up process and there would be no real way for them to track this behaviour either. I would be really interested to hear what their justification is and if they feel their strategy right now is working or if, to continue to be successful in the long-term, they need to change it.

      You bring up an interesting point about online shopping websites. I am one of those users who, unless I use the site a lot, do not like to sign in and find it frustrating and off-putting if you have to just to see your final shopping cart.

      What do you think Wattpad should do? Should the contents of the site be accessible to anyone, but users are just not allowed to leave reviews or read an entire story without signing in?

      I look forward to hearing your thoughts and thanks again 🙂 Brittany

      • mjjfeeney says :

        I feel like opening up the reading/browsing side of things is the best step to livening up the platform to potential newcomers.

        I can see a scenario where I’m happily reading through content–giving the author the exposure and audience they’re seeking–and I feel so compelled to comment or review a piece that I sign up just for that purpose.

        And once I’ve signed everything is transformed. It won’t take a staggering work of heartbreaking genius to make me comment a second time. No, after that first barrier to entry has dropped, all future efforts have been essentially subsidised by that initial effort taken to sign up. Once I’m in the system it’s trivial to start picking up more parts of the workflow, be it reviewing, rating, or contributing content.

        I understand that there’s a huge risk in making already free content available without *any* sort of reciprocal input from the browsing user. But, I genuinely think that the risk is worth it for capturing an exponentially larger market.

        Let’s postulate that between 1-5% of Wattpad contributors are ‘super’ users generating the majority of quality content (prose or reviews) on the platform. If that’s 5% of the ~40 000 users who have penetrated the signup process, awesome!

        If that’s 5% of the 4 000 000 serendipitous explorers who have stumbled on the site and like what they see….

        Niche products and services can be–and are–overwhelmingly successful with a relatively small user based. The trick is to have a pool large enough to find those users.

  7. sai goutham says :

    Hi Brittany,

    Nice post once again I appreciate for the research you have done on wattpad and newcomers. I probably feel that there could also be another form of recruitement like impersonal advertising in wattpadd. “Impersonal advertising can effectively increase the number of people joining an online community, especially among potential members with little prior knowledge of the community” (Jason 2014). It is also a persuasive communication that uses paid media placement to promote a product or service. I think some of the potential members belonging to the wattpad can advertise about the “what wattpadd is?”, “How it works?”, “What benefits does it provide?”, “What policies and conditions it follows?” and many more using social networking sites, campaingns, articles, etc though it has less influence in recruiting the newcomers than word of mouth, I feel that this recruitment process could bring out more potential members who can fit within the boundary. Do you think this works out as well?.

    I agree with you that wattpad deals very well with protection, according to the terms and conditions every user is not allowed to create no more than one account. Using multiple accounts for any malicious activity will result in immediate account termination. The administration of the site reserves the right to terminate any account without notice. User is not allowed use the Website for any commercial use, without the prior written authorization of Wattpad.com. This shows that the protection it provides is enormous.
    I personally feel that wattpad tries to achieve the retention of its members by rewarding them with “the wattys”, “the watty prize” award every year and this makes every potential valuable newcomer to contribute more and more intersting writings to the wattpad. Do you agree? or Is there any other way to retain its potential members?

    Perpetual Beta pattern can be related to the wattpad appplication. As Wattpad provides the mobility feature and supports various plaltforms such as iOS, android, blackberry 10 and so forth. There were many versions released in android platform and current version being used is version:3.13.9 relased in december 2013, they almost came up with new version every month providing all the features making compatible with the smart device.

    Finally I would like to thankyou for letting me know what wattpad is all about and the way it deals with newcomers.

    I am looking forward to seeing your next post

    Sai goutham


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    awards (2014) wattpad awards information retrieved from http://www.wattpad.com/awards

    • brittsmith2014 says :

      Hi there!

      Thank you for your comment! I am really glad you enjoyed learning all about Wattpad!

      Your ideas about impersonal advertising are very interesting, in what kind of ways do you think that the other user’s of Wattpad should tell new users about the platform? Via other social media accounts?

      To be honest I didn’t even know Wattpad had the ‘watty awards’, so that’s a great find! Are you quite familiar with the platform? This could definitely entice newcomers and others to contribute more as some type of incentive- it’s really great.

      Thanks again 🙂 Brittany

  8. thomasmullins6 says :

    A great blog post, but I have to disagree with the claim that an account verification process acts as a deterrent for newcomers. I managed to create an account, and verify it using my email address in about 20 seconds. This seems to be a pretty standard practice among online platforms, and has become nearly a second nature to me that when I sign up for something, I will need to verify my email address. Kraut, Burke and Reidl (2010) describe certain websites that charge a small sign-up fee, or prevent new users from posting anything until after a week has passed. They also mention that requiring users to perform some sort of task as part of the sign up process is a good deterrent for less-than-serious new users. As Wattpad is a writing website, perhaps requiring new users to post or write a short story or article before they can interact with other users?

    I agree that the ‘Tips to get started’ section is helpful and does help newcomers set themselves up as a proper member of the community. The site also found some of my Facebook friends that were already using the site, and I was able to start following them immediately.

    Kraut, R., Burke, M., & Riedl, J. (2010). Dealing with newcomers. Retrieved from http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=

    • brittsmith2014 says :

      Hi there!

      Thanks for your comment- I really appreciate it. That’s interesting that your verification process was so interesting and quick for you, mine was much slower in that I did not receive a verification email for some time. Luckily though I was too interested about the platform to be put off by the slow reply, but I assume if others had experienced this they might be.

      I definitely like your idea of new users needing to perform some sort of task as part of the sign up process, do you think a short story or article may be too much pressure for a new user though? I probably won’t ever enter any writing onto Wattpad, I am more interested in just reading others and if I knew I had to post some piece of writing I would choose not to use it anymore.

      I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas 🙂 Thanks again! Brittany

      • thomasmullins6 says :

        Hmmm, that is a good point. Maybe too much of a hurdle for new users. Especially if they are going to use it to follow others work as opposed to creating their own. Perhaps something less intensive, like following at least 5 people/stories; something akin to what Twitter does when you create a new account.

  9. darrenedward14 says :

    Hi BrittSmith,

    This is a good read. I really like how you’ve written in depth on the the insights of newcomers to the web 2.0. The prime example of Wattpad illustrates all of the categories for many newcomers using social media platforms. Furthermore I completely agree with you that Wattpad does handle tight security protocol as they do mention that the use of multiple accounts would result in the termination of the users account. They also mention that the website cant be used for commercial use without a prior written authorization of Wattpad. Just goes to show how strict they are with their security levels.

    Thanks for an interesting read. I look forward to your next post 🙂

    • brittsmith2014 says :

      Hi there!

      Thank you for your comment and compliments. I am glad you enjoyed reading my post!

      I think that Wattpad’s security protocol’s regarding multiple accounts is definitely justified, how do you think they would manage this though? Quite often people make a second account on platforms purely to spam or abuse other users and it is extremely unproductive. I believe Facebook and Twitter also have similar guidelines in place to avoid similar situations. One benefit for newer platforms would be that they can see what has and has not worked in terms of guidelines for previous web 2.0 platforms and use those ideas as they develop theirs. Do you agree?

      Thanks again 🙂 Brittany

  10. Jaifar says :

    Hello Brittany Smith,

    Informative post on Wattpad and how they handle newcomers. It’s quite interesting to see how platforms attempts to manage between allowing many quality newcomers while trying to prevent bad players. The use of barriers in the process of registering newcomers surely does a good job in this regard. On the other hand, Wattpad doesn’t allow new visitors to the site to view or read any materials unless they register an account or login with their facebook account. While this approach would force many newcomers to register an account, it will also turn down many newcomers from involving with the platform. Wattpad might gain much more traffic and visitors by loosen up their platform and offer some kind of a sneak peak for newcomers to the site.


    • brittsmith2014 says :

      Hi Jaifar!

      Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it.

      I definitely agree that Wattpad may be losing some traffic to their site because of their strict viewing and access to non registered users. It would be interesting to know how they are managing and monitoring how many people might be deterred. Do you think that you would personally be put off using this platform or a similar one if you had to go through the process of signing up to see what Wattpad is like? You mention that they need to ‘loosen up their platform’, do you have any suggestions or ideas as to what they might do?

      I look forward to hearing your thoughts 🙂 Thanks again! Brittany

      • Jaifar says :

        HI Brittany,

        Thank you for your reply. Personally, I would be deterred signing up in a new unfamiliar platform if I didn’t know what to expect. obviously some platforms has already reached critical mass and word of mouth can encourage you to sign up even if they didn’t provide any incentive for non registered users. In the case of Wattpad, showing off a single column with attractive insider content, would definitely results in getting more users sign up and interact with the platform.


  11. mjeed2009 says :

    Hi Brittany,
    Great blog post I enjoyed reading it, From your post now I know what is Wattpad I have seen it couple of time people sharing their stories through twitter and facebook and I had no clue what is it about. Verifying the user’s accounts is a good thing to do to prevent spams from users. After going to discover more about Wattpad it had more than 25m users which I find a lot and another interesting thing is that there are stories in more than 50 languages!


    Another thing is that Wattpad identify most active users list but I’m not sure based on what exactly number of readers, stories, or influential work. I think Wattpad has an interesting newcomers policy and it is working. The introductory video about how Wattpad works and to show what it is about.

    Thank you

    • brittsmith2014 says :

      Hi there!

      Thank you for your comment- I am really glad you enjoyed reading my post!

      I noticed that you mentioned you looked over the introductory video- did you enjoy it? Do you think that it provides a good summary of what the platform would be like? I found it quite interesting and it influenced me to sign up!

      I too would be interested to know how they justify the list of ‘most active users’, do you think it is users who post stories and articles frequently or just those who are online the most? I think the list would really only be beneficial to others if it is regarding those who post the most content. Do you agree?

      I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas 🙂 Thanks again! Brittany

      • mjeed2009 says :

        Hello again,
        the video was great actually i enjoyed it, i think they did well in summarizing the overall idea of the platform.
        I agree with you because i went through some these active members profiles most of these users have lots of stories and articles.

  12. chrischen346 says :

    Hello Brittany,

    Nice post. You have provided a very good point of view on newcomers. Newcomers can be regarded as an opportunity to increase the market share, as well as a resource which can bring up with new ideas, capacity and innovations to the current service. However, newcomers may also have intentional or unintentional destructive work. Therefore, how to regulate newcomer’s behavior is a noteworthy issue.

    In this post, you have chosen Wattpad to analyze how they overcome challenges of newcomers. And you also gave a clear explanation of Building Successful Online Communities through Wattpad. Anyway, after reading your article I visited Wattpad. I think that it is smart to request users register an account before access to Wattpad. However, it seems not friendly and not rigorous enough. Firstly, Wattpad asks me to register before visit. Actually, I had no idea about Wattpad before read this post. So, I consider that it may attract more newcomers if Wattpad can provide some previews. Secondly, I noticed that Wattpad doesn’t request personal information to register. Such authentication may cause user register many account to have destructive work. I think that user should have some limited until user have shown his/her contribution. How do you think?

    Anyway, it is a good post. I have a deeper understanding of this topic. I look forward to reading your next post.


    • brittsmith2014 says :

      Hi Chris!

      Thank you for your comment! I agree with you when you said that dealing with newcomers is an extremely noteworthy issue, without newcomers no platform would ever be able to grow their community.

      I agree with you that it is smart for users to register before using Wattpad, otherwise there are just too many opportunities for people to abuse or spam users and their work. What kind of previews do you think would be suitable for new users? Do you think that they need more than the introductory video?

      Wattpad does allow you to sign up via your Facebook account or email address and when registering you are asked for information like your first and last name and encouraged to include more information, but not obliged. What other personal information are you referring to that people should have to provide? From personal experience if I am signing up to a new platform and am asked for too many personal details without the option of skipping that step, I will quite often stop right there and never sign up. Do you think this could happen with other users too?

      I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas 🙂 Thanks again! Brittany

  13. mohammedbadhurais says :

    This is a great post and has engaged me until the end of the last word. Good points have provided by you on newcomers. Also you have chosen the perfect example which is Wattpad with a depth of explanation. Great facts that I’m totally agree with, the platform is providing stages for newcomers to help them before a complete access to the service which leads to a user satisfaction. The second fact you have mentioned is that the introductory video to gives an overview of the progress of the Wattpad platform works.

    I really like your post, keep going and I forward to read your new posts.

    • brittsmith2014 says :

      Hi there!

      Thank you for your comment and compliments! Did you enjoy the introductory video? Did you feel that it painted an accurate picture of what Wattpad would be like to use? It seems that many people have mixed ideas about it.

      I look forward to hearing your thoughts 🙂 Brittany

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